Ziontific Summer Solstice Music Festival 6 — Vermont —  Artist Merrimack Delta Dub Set

Ziontific 6 Artist – Merrimack Delta Dub Set

Formed in 2008, The Merrimack Delta Dub Set have been playing reggae-infused, funky, live hip hop in The Merrimack Valley, Boston, The North Shore and The Seacoast to energetic, dancing crowds in a wide array of venues. Frontman, singer and rhythm guitar player, Seamus Stanton, with his strong, soulful vocals and rhythmic reggae guitar is accompanied by MC Oliver Ox, whose cerebral, well-developed lyrics and rap technique are unparalleled. MDDS combines the sweet sounds and melodies of saxophone player Clark Zlindra-Short and the melodic riffs of lead guitarist Benjamin Goldbaum for consistently catchy hooks and melodies.  Backed by beats that range from dancehall, hip-hop, to dub to disco, provided by the formidable team of drummer Derek Hayden and bass player Devon Hurt, The Dub Set can get any crowd dancing.

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