Tent Camping in the woods

what to bring

Gates open
Fri, June 19, 2020 @ 10am – Mon, June 22, 2020 @ 10am. Do NOT arrive on Thursday. You will NOT be allowed on the property before 10am Friday. Anyone who is not part of the festival’s clean-up crew must be off the property BEFORE 10am Monday, June 17.

What to bring
 There are multiple Water stations with sinks to fill your reusable water bottles (no glass). Please help us reduce the amount of waste.

Typical camping gear: Flashlights, sun screen, bug spray, tent (unless you’re glamping!), sleeping bag, pillow. Food vendors will be onsite. You may bring a grill, but it MUST be off the ground.

What NOT to bring
Glass (including no glass beverage bottles), generators, large propane tanks (4lb tanks for grills are fine), weapons of any sort, pets, fireworks, illegal drugs or nitrous oxide, kegs or beer balls.

Help us save the earth by remembering to separate those bottles and cans. If you forgot to bring trash or recycling bags, ask the trash crew or front gate, they will happily provide.

Please do not leave anything behind. Dumpster is near the lodge. Recycling bags (bottles and cans only) can be piled next to the dumpster. The Boy Scouts will be redeeming them to help fund their camp.