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Ziontific Productions was founded in 2011. Held on the first weekend of summer with amenities for all ages — the Summer Solstice Music Festival has an awareness-inspired, energizing, family retreat ambiance.

“Zion”, in many cultures around the world throughout history, is a name used to describe a place of harmony. A play on the word “scientific” acknowledges the need to be smart when trying to create change for the better. This event is built on the belief that a community of people can make a global difference on a local level.

Creating change begins within. A Connecticut based group, The Conduit, is a vital element in this family. In building a close knit relationship many years before Ziontific or The Conduit even came to be — together they’ve been able to provide a Wellness Village experience that will take your mind, body and soul on a spiritual journey. Workshops include River Tai Chi, various Yoga classes, Spoken Word/Poetry Circle, Labyrinth Meditation, Partners Thai Massage, All levels Hoop Dance and tricks, Sound Meditation Concerts and so many more. All are inclusive with a festival ticket.

With a musical focus on Reggae, Hip-Hop and Funk, Ziontific has introduced a unique sound to the regional festival scene. Featuring approximately 50 acts each year that are all up and coming to the region, this event is home to an ever-expanding artist community. Previous music line-ups included: Rootz Underground, 10 Ft. Ganja Plant, The Movement, The Expanders, Tomorrow’s Bad Seeds, Roots of Creation, Bumpin Uglies, Spose, Sophistafunk, The Elovaters, Double Tiger, The Alchemystics, Fear Nuttin’ Band, Dub Apocalypse, The Late Ones, Honeycomb and many more. Ziontific promotes consciousness through the music, adding to the positive atmosphere they attempt to create for their attendees.

It’s clear that Ziontific dedicates just as much energy to the awareness aspect of the festival as they do the music. They want people to come out for a weekend of fun and relaxation, but also hope that everyone will take a little something away with them that they can use to make the world a cleaner, better place. In partnering with several non-profits including Mother Nature’s Army, Strangers Helping Strangers and The Root Center, attendees learn how to protect our planet as well as their own body, while also growing food to feed the hungry.  Some other organizations they’ve worked with in the past are VT Community Foundation, American Farmland Trust, Trees for the Future, Vermont Coalition for Food Sovereignty and ONE.

Since the inaugural event in June of 2011, guests have repeatedly thanked this crew for creating their “Ziontific Family” (ZTF).