Ziontific Summer Solstice Music Festival Russell, MA Reggae Hip Hop Funk Family Friendly Festival Experience

Ziontific Artist – Jabbawaukee

Jabbawaukee is a Providence, RI based quintet that utilizes every trick in their musical bag of sorcery. Mixing elements of psychedelic/progressive rock and funk, Jabbawaukee has all the qualities that define some of the best jam bands of our time .

Featuring the dueling lead guitars and vocals of Graham Gibbs and David Hobson, thumping basslines and vocals of Brendon ‘Low B’ Bjorness-Murano, founder and pocket drummer Jason Laplume and scorching keys and vocals of Jack Skiffington. Keeping the dance floor moving in New England venues and music festivals since 2017.

2019 lineup, ZIONTIFIC Summer Solstice Music Festival | MUSIC LINE-UP

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