Ziontific 5 Artist — Fulah

Originally from Miami, FL these now Bostonians are a rock band with heavy reggae, jazz, soul, and funk influences. The band consists of Paul Garcia (Drums), Frank Vasallo (Guitar/Vocals), and Branden DeCaso (Saxophone); along with a keyboardist, percussionist, and horn section.

Their first and self-titled album “Fulah” features a variety of original tracks. Fulah wrote, composed, and produced the record together. It grew to be influenced by a variety of backgrounds in music; jazz, rock, reggae, funk, among many others. Once finished recording, they mixed and mastered themselves, keeping everything in-house. What they have delivered is a full-length debut record with spunk.

Fulah delivers a fresh sound that always draws a positive response from a steadily growing fan base.

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