Ziontific Music Festival 2022

An update on our 10th celebration…

Hello ZTFam —

Words cannot express how deeply we miss you all. As much as it breaks our hearts, we have made the decision to postpone our 10th year celebration to June 2022. This decision was not made lightly, but is one we whole-heartedly feel is necessary to protect our ZTFamily and the local community.

What this means for current Ticket Holders:
If you’re still holding 2020 Tickets and Glamping Packages they’ll automatically be rolled over to 2022. Any ticket holders who are definitely unable to attend next June, please reach out to us at: info@ziontificproductions.com from the email address the tickets were purchased under to request a refund. Refund requests must be received by May 19, 2021*.

What this means for 2022 Ticket Prices:
Out of respect for our devoted family members who have been holding on to their tickets, we will not be offering tickets at the same Earlybird or Presale prices for 2022. 

We appreciate your patience as we look forward and begin to shift our focus to making Ziontific 2022 the family reunion this community really needs. We will continue working with the venue, local and state municipalities throughout the year and keep you updated as we navigate the reopening.

Our community needs each other now more than ever.
We would like to utilize our Ziontific Family Facebook Group to uplift, inspire and support each other until we’re able to gather together again. This will only work with everyone’s participation! Please post (in the Ziontific Family Group) your favorite Ziontific throwback photos, videos or write about your top memories, and tag those that were with you. Please make sure the post is set to public so we all can see, and invite those friends to join the group.

Let’s flood these feeds in celebration of days past and dream of better days ahead! Forward ever, we’ll get through this together. 

So much love, 

*Refund requests must be received by May 19, 2021 at 11:59PM ET. After May 19, 2021, refunds will be forfeited. 2020 GA, VIP and Glamping Tickets may be sold to a private party and transferred anytime prior to 2022 event.

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