Ziontific Summer Solstice Music Festival Russell, MA Reggae Hip Hop Funk Family Friendly Festival Experience

Ziontific Artist – Ali Kat & the Revelators

Ali Kat and The Revelators is a group of 5 friends making soulfully funky music together from Manchester, CT since 2016.. With so many influences, they collectively bring all the flavors together for a delicious good time and has the grooves to make ya body move.. with her amazingly soul filled vocals, Ali Kat brings with her the Revelators; The Willard Bros supplying funky and bluesy guitars and sax playing complimented by the powerful rhythms and grooves of Foppe & Giosa on bass and drums… so come on Friends, let’s Bring It Together Sweetie for a Total Funk Down and see why she’s so Good at Being Bad, and if ya love it, Tell Me So….

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