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Ziontific Artist – The Change Up

Boston based supergroup The Change Up are a multi instrumentalist based, traveling dance party that focuses on high end Instrumentalism and lyrical expressionism. They have graced the stage with HUNDREDS of different acts regardless of genre or style, they’re adaptability carrying them to the national level and sequestering a spot on coveted festivals. Led by multi instrumentalist and award winning producer Ash Berman, The Change Up has an electro jam sensibility and a structurally based arrangement that let’s loose a whirlwind of styles including Reggae, Hip Hop, Latino Rhythm, and manual electronica.

With long time collaborator Brian Bailey on guitar, multi instrumentalist Alex Cohen on percussion, and Dj Icculus on the Decks and Sax, The Change Up are always striving to do something completely different. A revolving door of second chair musicians, including Michael Wingate of the Which Doctors, Mathew Klewiter and Steven Goffstien of Damelatones round out the current line up.

The concept of The Change Up, is music with no borders, boundless reckless abandon and a thirst for exploration. The band is centered on the idea that it should be different every show, and to experiment live is the essence of their moniker.

For this year The Change Up is proud to present Electro Magnetic Pulse or E.M.P, for your listening pleasure!!! A stark combination of beatboxed loops and funky horns mixed with their distinct outlaw reggae sound and blistering lead sections, E.M.P, is ready to crush the Ziontific stage!!!

With a new record out this summer and a vast cavalcade of shows and appearances, you don’t want to miss this amalgam of talent. As was said before and will be said again:
No matter the time, no matter the place, if you’re ready to rage, the Change Up E.M.P. rages face!!!!

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