Ziontific Summer Solstice Music Festival 6 — Vermont —  Schedule

2016 Music Schedule!

We’re overly thrilled that our new home offers so much extra space! Sooooooooo, we’ve added a second stage in the woods and have been working as hard and fast as we can to CRAM in AS MUCH MUSIC as possible!!

FRIDAY, JUNE 17, 2016

Main Stage
1:45-2:45p Heirloom Seeds (VT)
3:00-4:00p Kiwi (NJ)
4:15-5:15p Rebel Alliance (MA)
5:30-6:30p Political Animals (CT)
6:45-7:45p Sensamotion (NJ)
8:05-9:25p Tatanka (CO)
9:45-11:00p Spiritual Rez (MA)

4-Life Dome
1:30-2:30p Stop Tito Collective (NH)
3:00-4:00p Weapon E.S.P. (MA)
4:30-5:30p Funknut (NY)
6:00-7:00p Merrimack Delta Dub Set (MA)
7:45-8:05p Elemental: The Art of Noise w/Honeycomb
9:25-9:45p Elemental: Behind Bars w/Force

Silent Disco
11:00-12:30a DJ NEB
12:30-2:00a Jeff Bujak
2:00-3:30a Honeycomb/BBK
3:30-5:00 Zoo Logic


Main Stage
10:00-11:00a Rhythmic Circus (CT)
11:15-12:15p The Romano Project (MA)
12:30-1:30p Kroma Kode (MA)
1:45-2:45p Joey Batts & Them (CT)
3:00-4:00p Blest Energy (MA)
4:15-5:15p Oogee Wawa (NY)
5:30-6:30p Danny Pease & The Regulators (MA)
6:45-7:45p The Problemaddicts (MA)
8:05-9:10p Sun-Dried Vibes (SC)
9:30-11:00p The Alchemystics (MA)

4-Life Dome
10:30-11:30a Riddim Vigil (VT)
12:00-1:00p James & The Giants (RI)
1:30-2:30p Ballads & Softcore Porn (MA)
3:00-4:00p WTFE (MA)
4:30-5:30p Blue Collar (MA)
6:00-7:00p Rhythmic Circus (CT)
7:45-8:05p Elemental: That’s the Breaks w/ Poptart
9:10-9:30p Elemental: Wheels of Steel w/ DJ Benny Black / DJ NEB

Silent Disco
11:00-12:30a Tonio Sagan
12:30-2:00a DJ Benny Black
2:00-3:30a I-ganic Soundsystem (MA)
3:30-5:00a Icculus

SUNDAY, JUNE 19, 2016

Main Stage
10:00-11:00a Woody & Friends
11:15-12:15p The Change Up (MA)
12:30-1:30p Harsh Armadillo (NH)
1:45-2:45p Ill Doots (PA)
3:00-4:00p The Feel Goods (NH)
4:15-5:15p Viva La Hop (MA)
5:30-6:30p Soul Rebel Project (MA)
6:45-7:45p Fear Nuttin Band (MA)
8:05-9:25p Roots of Creation (NH)
9:45-11:00p Ziontific FamJam

4-Life Dome
10:30-11:30a Roots, Rhythm, & Dub (ME)
12:00-1:00p Bless The Child (VT)
1:30-2:30p Soultree (MA)
3:00-4:00p Iyah (VT)

Silent Disco
11:00-12:30a Jeff Bujak
12:30-3:00a Silentific Throwdown

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