2015 Music Schedule!

Get ready to cleanse your lungs with that fresh Green Mountain air! Wash all of your troubles away in the glistening river. Unwind soaking in the sunshine. Let the music heal your soul! The SUMMER SOLSTICE is only days away…

We’ve been hard at work to provide you with the most energetic, inspirational, educational and uplifting musical experience to kick off your summer right. Each and every one of these bands has a positive message to spread.

We’re so excited to share this year’s music schedule with our ZionTific Family. From regional up-and-comers to international acts, we truly believe this bunch is bound to keep you movin’ and groovin’ non-stop all 3 days and nights.

In addition to the Main Stage and Silent Disco performances, we’re bringing the Elemental Philosophy 101 Lessons back throughout the weekend.

FRIDAY, JUNE 19 2015

12:30-1:40p William Thompson Funk Experiment
1:50-2:50p Kroma Kode
3:00-4:00p The Equalites
4:10-5:10p The Lynguistic Civilians
5:20-6:20p The Feel Goods
6:30-7:30p The Yeti / Trails
7:40-8:40p Danny Pease & the Regulators
8:40-9:00p ELEMENTAL: Ryan Augustus
9:00-10:20p Signal Fire
10:20-10:40p ELEMENTAL: Honeycomb
10:40-12:10a The Movement
12:10-12:30a ELEMENTAL: DJ N.E.B.
12:30-2:00a Roots of Creation
2:00-3:00a SILENT DISCO: Cheatcode
3:00-4:30a SILENT DISCO: Jeff Bujak
4:30-6:00a SILENT DISCO: Icculus


10:00-11:20a Rhythmic Circus
11:30-12:30p Harsh Armadillo
12:40-1:40p Rhythm Inc
1:50-2:50p The Romano Project
3:00-4:00p Joey Batts and Them
4:10-5:10p Lucid
5:20-6:20p Kings & Comrades
6:30-7:30p Political Animals
7:40-8:40p Sun-Dried Vibes
8:40-9:00p ELEMENTAL: Vorheez
9:00-10:20p Sophistafunk
10:20-10:40p ELEMENTAL: Blue Collar
10:40-12:10a The Alchemystics
12:10-12:30a ELEMENTAL: DJ Benny Black / N.E.B.
12:30-2:00a Rootz Underground
2:00-3:00a SILENT DISCO: DJ Benny Black
3:00-4:30a SILENT DISCO: Jeff Bujak
4:30-6:00a SILENT DISCO: I-ganic Soundsystem

SUNDAY, JUNE 21 2015

10:00-11:00a Heirloom Seeds
11:10-12:10p ReBelle
12:20-1:20p Fulah
1:30-2:30p Rebel Alliance
2:40-3:40p Reef’d
3:50-4:50p The Juicy Grapes
4:50-5:10p ELEMENTAL: Breakdance showcase
5:10-6:30p TreeHouse!
6:50-8:10p I Anbassa
8:30-10:00p Ziontific Fam Jam Sunset Tribute
10:00-12:00a SILENT DISCO: DJ Benny Black / N.E.B.
12:00-2:00a SILENT DISCO: DJ Live!

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