fire troupe

Performances by Cosmic Karma Fire.

For those of you who have witnessed a fire show at Ziontific in the past, you know Cosmic Karma’s nothing short of stupendous. Each member has their own distinct style and dance brought out through their performances. Be wowed throughout the evening hours by their many different acts and varieties.

With CKF everything is on fire in some way, shape or form. Combined with theatrics, costumes, and comedy — they feature solo, duo, and group choreography.

Some of their acts include:

  • BMX Fire Stunts
  • Acrobatics – similar to acro yoga but with partner balance postures
  • Jump ropes and bullwhips
  • Double staves, contact staff, and 10-wicked dragon staffs
  • Nunchakus, swords, and juggling
  • Hula-Hoops (single, double, and triple), as well as mini hoops and even a gyrodoop
  • Hip belts, belly dancing, and palm torches
  • Fire fans, levitation wands, batons, and clubs
  • Rope-dart, meteors, orbs, and poi
  • Fire eating as well as fire breathing
  • Fire stilts, metal grinders