STRANGERS HELPING STRANGERS will be running a food drive. This year, we need your help to reach our lofty goal of collecting 500lbs of non-perishables, toiletries, baby and feminine products for the local community. If each person donates just ONE ITEM, we will beat our goal. Clean out your cupboards, together, we got this! At the end of the weekend, if you have anything you don’t feel like lugging home, drop it at the SHS booth. They will bring it to the local shelter.

Our recycling program is organized by MOTHER NATURE’S ARMYWin prizes while keeping your area clean all weekend by competing in the following:
•  Cigarette butt picking up contest with prizes for the top 3.
•  Small gifts will also be given out to participants of the Daily Group Clean-ups.
•  Separate your bottles/cans and be entered into a raffle for every bag of recyclables you bring to the MNA booth.
If you need any cigarette butt collecting or compost containers, trash or recycling bags — stop by the Mother Nature’s Army booth and help save our earth!

FATBOL Clothing, Inc.

Old 78 Recycled Clothing

Wormtown Trading Company

Uncle Mitchies Munchies

Eightsixty Skate

Dark Star Dyes

Head Eaze 

If you’re interested in vending, please see details and fill out the 2017 Application here >