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Ziontific 8 Artist – Soultree

From the songwriters and producers of The Alchemystics comes Soultree (ambient sultry soul roots). A reggae soul dub lovers fusion.

The Alchemystics provided a great platform for socially conscious lyrics and the chanting reggae rap stylings Ian I developed over the years (exemplified in songs like “Type a Prayer”). Still, he continued to write other more personal and heartfelt sacred love music inspired by artists such as Sade, Stephen Marley, and more recently, Jhene Aiko. Hence, the birth of Soultree (ambient sultry soul roots). Soultree combines Ian I’s reggae roots with a new school ambient sound, romantic as well as existential themes.

A Soultree experience is sure to leave audiences emotionally uplifted. Joining Ian I on stage is beautiful fire dancer, Lilly Roberts, adding visual aesthetics to the sonic backdrop. Some key songs include “Vitality,” a song about using music as a vehicle for overcoming personal struggles, “Sweet Your Dreams,” and “Serene Vision Daydream” instantly strike a sultry romantic chord in listeners.

Features Ian I on drums, production and Vocal, John Corda on Keys and Lilly Roberts on dance and artistry.

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