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Ziontific Artist – Elephants Dancing

Elephants Dancing is a 7-piece reggae/rock band from Wilkes Barre, PA, driven by the chill, beach vibe and powerful roots of reggae.  The group delivers an island feel, filled with heavy grooves, fun melodies, syncopation, and clever raps.  Elephants Dancing was created by singer-songwriters Michael Iorio (Lead Vocals/Bass) and Danny Sales (Lead Vocals/Rhythm Guitar), who were childhood friends.  After experiencing several lineup changes since the bands inception in the summer of 2015, the full and unique sound that the band possesses is fulfilled through the versatility and spunk of its members, Ross LeSoine (Tenor Sax/Percussion), Miles Fagley-Orfanella (Trumpet/Percussion), Karl Rucker (Lead Guitar), Samantha Carwell (Keyboard), and Jerry Coyle (Drums).  The elephants groove to roots reggae, island hip-hop, and beach rock, but the influences go much farther. Both writers are influenced by a wide variety of genres including: pop-punk, metal, rap, math-rock, and classical.

In the winter of 2015, the Elephants released their debut EP, “Clear Skies,” which paved the way for their creative growth.  Soon after, in the summer of 2016, the 19-song full length album, “Rituals,” was released, encapsulating many of the band’s influences and setting the tone for the road ahead.  Over the summer of 2017, the band refaced itself and solidified its lineup, adding another guitar, and two-man horn section featuring a tenor sax, and trumpet/flugelhorn.  As the summer of 2017 approached its end, the single, “Sunshine,” was released, which featured the revamped lineup for the first time.

Amidst the growing process, Elephants Dancing was awarded the ECMC (Electric City Music Conference) 2016 Song of the Year for, “Panic Static,” and was honored the following year with the ECMC 2017 Reggae/Jam/Funk Band of The Year Award. To date, Elephants Dancing has performed on bills with acts such as Badfish – Sublime Tribute, BALLYHOO!, The Bumpin Uglies, Roots of Creation, Of Good Nature, and The Waffle Stompers.

The Elephants aim to expand their roots throughout the northeast, and plan to release a new album in time for the summer vibe, “Get Tropical!” in the spring of 2018.  To stay in the loop for upcoming shows and releases, follow us on our social media accounts or join our loving promotional team, the Coconut Crew!

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