Front of Large Cabin

Cabins + Neighborhoods!!

Gather your family and friends to rent a relaxing “home” for the weekend.

Large Cabin $1,500
Gather your friends & family! A wonderful place to come “home” to after playing sports and running around in the sun all day. Cabin includes:
• 24 Camp Style Beds
• Electricity
• Tables and benches
• Camp bathroom w/compostable toilets nearby

Mini Cabin $250
Mini Cabins are 12′ x 16′ with plenty of space to stand up and walk around in. Equipped with 4 cots. A nice way to escape from the elements, relax with friends and get a good night sleep.

Neighborhood $800
Grab your crew & rent a group of structures in the woods together! A Neighborhood includes:
• 11 Canvas Tents w/ 2 cots each
• 1 Mini Cabin w/ 4 cots
• Water Station (please allow others to access water).

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