We founded Ziontific Productions in 2011 as a way to bring the finest of New England’s music, art, awareness groups and non-profit organizations together for a weekend of culture, fun and networking. The name Ziontific was decided upon because the first part “Zion” is a name used in many cultures to describe a place of harmony. The second half being a play on the word “scientific”,  acknowledges the need to be smart when trying to create change for the better. We believe that a community of people can make a global difference on a local level. For every ticket we sell, a portion of the sale goes to Trees for the Future to help replenish forests around the world. We partner with several non-profits including Strangers Helping Strangers, which collects food and hygiene products for the local Food Banks. Some other organizations we work with are VT Community Foundation, American Farmland Trust, Vermont Coalition for Food Sovereignty, and Be Heady. A Connecticut based group, The Conduit, is also a vital element in our community. The Conduit provides a wellness village organizing activities such as sound therapy, massage, yoga and meditative tai chi classes. Our extensive family area offers creative and educational activities such as face painting, informational nature hikes, seed sowing, music workshops, arts and crafts. Musically, we try to bring the best up and coming acts from around New England across various genre’s ranging anywhere from classic rock to funk. We promote consciousness through the music, adding to the positive atmosphere we attempt to create for our attendees.

Since our inaugural event in June of 2011, our guests have repeatedly thanked us for creating their “Ziontific Family”.

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