Ziontific 8 Artist – 10 Ft. Ganja Plant

10 Ft Ganja Plant was born from a desire to play the only music most of us knew how, and to water the tree that had borne each of us such abundant fruit, and yet in the summer of 1999, seemed in danger of disappearing from the world… Roots Reggae. Being collectors of the music, we sought out many pieces of vintage equipment to make these records. At the time, most of us were out touring for several weeks at a time with John Brown’s Body. We would get off the road and run to the studio, which at the time was called “Mang Studio”, or, as some of us called it, home, and try out ideas for new songs. Throughout the summer’s long, sweltering sessions, we would frequently take breaks, hitting the rooftop to get a breath of fresh air and watch and wait for the next track to begin to materialize, usually right out of the thick air. Then back down to put it to tape. Raw.

The amount of material we were creating began to grow quickly and something clicked inside us all. The album Presents debuted in 2000 and was released on the Ithaca based imprint known as I- Town Records. As we continued to build up an arsenal of music we decided to present the next batch of material (recorded on consumer JVC cassette decks) to a friend. In doing so our family grew to include the underground NYC record label ROIR! (Reach Out International Records). From there we continued to grow as a group of friends and family, musicians and engineers. The Plant has always been all about the music and what follows is a chronology of the subsequent releases.

The first release with ROIR was Hillside Airstrip in 2001. The sound began to develop as any number of musical friends would stop through for vibes on any given day. From this point on, the studio was like a revolving door of musicians cutting tracks and trying out new song ideas. We never included credits in the liner notes, as tribute to all the unnamed heros of Jamaican music who gave so much to the world, for no material gain, but for a chance to be heard. Not for vanity, but for the upliftment of humanity.

Midnight Landing arrived in 2003 reiterating the band’s passion for music deeply rooted in the mid to late 70′s Jamaican style. The bass got heavier and the drums bigger, the melodies stronger and the ganja smoke thicker. Bass Chalice followed in 2005. Touring slowed for some, life decisions took people into different parts of the world and realms of music. A short break was taken to gather the vibes, build a new studio and lay the foundation for what would become Bush Rock which was released in 2009, reaching new levels of psychedelic sounds and heavy bass.

After Bush Rock was released, we began to look farther back to classic sounds of groups like The Upsetters, Silvertones, Pioneers, Gladiators, Gregory Isaacs, Lee Perry, The Maytones, Burning Spear and some of the great instrumentalists that graced their tracks, such as Ernest Ranglin, Lynn Taitt, Jackie Mittoo, Carlton and Family Man Barrett, and countless others. We had grown together and evolved the sound to a point where a return to the deepest root was in order. In April of 2010 the Plant decided to do a quick, fully instrumental record as a special digital­only release to coincide with the launch of 10ftganjaplant.com. The idea behind what has become the Deadly Shots Trilogy was to take a more relaxed and natural approach to playing riddims that were just pure vibe, to give folks just a little more music to enjoy in the summer months, featuring one predominant instrument on each record. It was decided that the Saxophone would carry 10 Deadly Shots Volume I.

For the next several records the harvests continue to alternate between the all instrumental, bare bones treatment, and the other, “dubbier” end of the production spectrum. 2011 yielded the next vocal album, Shake Up The Place, featuring two brand new original songs by classic Jamaican singer Sylford Walker, as well as two chats by the incomparable Prince Jazzbo. Also sprinkled in were a couple of big new tunes from 10ft regulars Jay Champany and Kevin Kinsella, and a few hard core dubs to round out the tracklist. Shake Up The Placestayed at the top of the iTunes reggae charts for longer than we thought possible and a quick search for 10ft. on youtube revealed that our music was now on the global stage.

The 10ft Ganja Plant story could have ended there. After a decade of making the music we all felt so deep in our bones, hearing the voices of our musical heroes gracing the tracks, seeing over million youtube hits on “Chalwa” (Track 1 on our debut release), mostly in South America and Europe, it would have been easy to enjoy these accomplishments, lose momentum and not do much of anything for a while. But as it turned out there were two things that needed doing right away.

Roger Rivas (of Aggrolites fame) had been doing some work in town and the idea to feature his wicked organ style on 10 Deadly Shots Volume II was a no brainer and the chance could not be missed. We spent two days in the studio and decided to strike up the band for a big CD release party in April of 2012. It was our first gig since our fledgling years and tickets were sold out within a few weeks of going on sale. We had a blast and played a decent enough show. Now that we had finally taken it to the stage it was hard to go back to being strictly a studio band. We had re­discovered the thrill of flying freehand.

2013 brought 10 Ft. Ganja Plant’s 9th full length release for ROIR records, Skycatcher. All lead vocals came from the core members of the Plant this time, with one song coming from Nate Silas Richardson, his first lead vocal since Bass Chalice in 2005. Hitting the streets September 24th and preceded by a special performance for 550 people, Skycatcher was the year’s freshest harvest and most potent strain.

2014 follows up on the Third and final installment of the 10 Deadly Shots series. 10 Deadly Shots Vol. III features the band lead guitarist Nate Silas Richardson in the starring role .The album release party will be at the Sinclair in Cambridge Massachusetts on August 15th followed by the Bowery Ballroom in NYC on August 16th. The extended 10 Ft Ganja Plant musical family will be there. We hope you will be there too!

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Ziontific 8 Artist – Bumpin Uglies

For nearly a decade now, Bumpin Uglies have been playing their brand of groove-heavy jams – a curiously fun mix of ska, Reggae and good ole’ punk rock – all while putting strong lyrics at the forefront of the music. It’s a formula that quickly took them from local favorites, playing around Annapolis, to a national stage. With a wildly infectious sound, tattoo-worthy lyrics and an itch to take their music to the masses, the band piled into the van years ago and have rarely seen home since.

The Bumpin Uglies’ origin story begins with singer/guitarist Brandon Hardesty playing open mics around Maryland. He met bassist Dave Wolf not too long after and Bumpin Uglies was born. With a proper set of wheels and TJ Haslett on drums, they went off to spread their music across the country like modern day Johnny Appleseeds. The group recently added Chad Wright on keyboards, expanding on their sound.
Raised on everything from Bad Religion and The Beach Boys to Sublime and Reel Big Fish, Bumpin Uglies have managed to take inspiration from some of the best out there, run it through their own distinctive filter and end up with a truly original take on the various genres creating an original hybrid. With a unique sound that’s nearly impossible to ignore, the band has gotten everyone from dreadlocked kids to PBR-fueled tattooed punks moving their heads to their music at festivals and on headlining tours across the country.

When they aren’t on the road, they’ve been camped in the studio, churning out three full lengths, two EPs and a live record. Their latest, 2016’s Keep It Together came out on Right Coast Records and is proof that the band has found their groove. The album consists of a dozen stand-out tracks, any one of which could be considered instant classics for the band. They’re already at work on the follow up, but true to their rep as being on the never-ending tour, chances are they’ll be coming to a venue near you soon.

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Ziontific 8 Artist – Roots of Creation

Billboard and radio chart topping, award-winning, international reggae-rock sensation Roots of Creation, are a touring powerhouse.

Whether on the festival circuit, performing at jam and reggae-rock favorites like Camp Bisco, Gathering of The Vibes, California Roots, Jungle Jam and Closer to the Sun, or sharing the stage at sold out shows with some of their diverse influences including Slightly Stoopid, The Wailers, and Michael Franti, reggae/rock/dubtronica band Roots of Creation(RoC) offers up a high-energy, infectious live music experience. Their mix of reggae riddims, conscious lyrics, spirited horn lines, and electronic beats makes crowds move and has their loyal underground fan base (RoC Family) and street team (Universal Soldiers) travelling the distance to pack venues from coast-to-coast.

Roots of Creation’s most recent release, Livin Free (2016), debuted No. 1 on both the Billboard Reggae and the Relix/Jambands.com Radio charts. Livin Free is a triple record that includes three versions of each song–studio, dub, and acoustic that features guest performances by Melvin Seals (Jerry Garcia Band), Marshall “Ras MG” Goodman (Sublime, Long Beach Dub Allstars), the Rubblebucket horn section, Billy Kottage (Reel Big Fish), Grammy-nominated Pato Banton (Sting, UB40), and many more. Additionally, the album welcomes guest production by Yeti Beats (Rebelution, Slightly Stoopid).

Now RoC has taken on a unique new project: Grateful Dub. Combining their longtime love for reggae-dub style music and the Grateful Dead, RoC reworked some of the world’s favorite Dead tunes into a new studio album. RoC had the pleasure of working in the studio with the legendary 5-time Grammy winner Errol Brown who was Bob Marley’s engineer and now Rebelution’s live sound engineer for this project. Grateful Dub is also being performed live in its entirety at festivals, theatres, and clubs around the country, and features rotating special guests including Melvin Seals (JGB), Scott Guberman (Phil Lesh) full horn sections, and others. Grateful Dub captures the spirit and magic of the Grateful Dead, while laying it down reggae-dub style.

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Ziontific 8 Artist – The Elovaters

Hailing from Boston, Massachusetts, original Reggae Band The Elovaters have been bringing their distinctive beach Reggae sound to fans and music lovers up throughout the United States. The group’s following has continued to grow as they introduce songs from their new record “The Cornerstone”, released on the band’s own imprint Belly Full Records. The release (titled for the band’s previous name), debuted at #5 on the ITunes Reggae charts and #9 on the Billboard Reggae Charts, while the video for one of the album’s featured tracks titled “Sunshine”  received more than 100k views on Facebook, and continues to be an anthem for youthfulness and summer fun.

Recently the Co-Winners of the IGNITE URBAN 2017 CHALLENGE COMPETITION The Elovaters are really beginning to gain traction as a festival favorite.

The band is no stranger to performing with other high caliber performers. They have performed with both North American and international touring acts such as Ziggy Marley, Stick Figure, The Movement, Easy Star All-Stars, John Brown’s Body, Giant Panda Guerrilla Dub Squad, Passafire, New Kingston, BadFish, Anthony B, and many more.

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Ziontific 8 Artist – The Alchemystics

Fueled by their passion to explore beyond the edges of traditional musical boundaries and their diverse ethnic and musical backgrounds, the Alchemystics blend reggae, politically infused hip-hop, gritty soul, hard-driving rock, and pulsing Jamaican, Cuban and Trinidadian  rhythms into an utterly unique and distinctively original new sound. The result is modern-day roots music with global appeal – an alchemy of ancient musical traditions; intricate, intelligent wordplay; elementally raw soul; irresistible hooks; deep, driving rhythms; and old-school vocal harmonies – fired by the Alchemystic’s unique blend of intensity, passion, and sheer artistic chemistry into a powerful, contemporary, and unmistakable sound.

Their high-energy, fiercely danceable live shows, have gained the band a passionately loyal multi-cultural, multi-generational following throughout New England, and beyond.

The Alchemystics firmly embrace the philosophy that music and art are tools for propelling social change in our communities, and that the future of music and the planet necessitates bringing people of diverse backgrounds together to create conscious community. Individually and collectively, the members of the Alchemystics prioritize giving back to their local community, working closely with local youth groups and lending their musical talents when called upon. Individually and as a group, Alchemystics members regularly guest lecture, teach, and perform at schools and colleges throughout the Northeast.

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Ziontific 8 Artist – Double Tiger

Brooklyn-based artist/producer Double Tiger (aka Jay Spaker) is no stranger to critical acclaim. Known for his contributions with trendsetting reggae powerhouse John Brown’s Body, as well as his role as half of Tour De Force, and co-founder of Dub Stuy Records, Spaker is also recognized for his past collaborations with legendary artists such as Luciano, Johnny Osbourne, Sly & Robbie, Rankin Joe, Brother Culture, Omar Perry, Al Campbell. Lutan Fyah, Eek A Mouse, and Scientist. Spaker is now gearing up to release his debut solo album, a collection of productions from the past five years of writing. His debut full-length, Sharp & Ready on Easy Star Records debuted at #3 on Itunes & #5 on the Billboard charts.

The cultural hub of New York City combined with the range of past experiences and influences of Spaker give Double Tiger a uniquely cultured palate that separates itself from many American reggae offerings. Double Tiger proves that tradition and innovation are more multi-dimensional than a spectrum analysis would suggest, by fusing aspects of both progressive future roots reggae with the energy and understanding of the authentic sound system culture that helped popularize the genre by making it more accessible.

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Ziontific 8 Artist – Danny Pease & the Regulators

Danny Pease and the Regulators (DPR) has been a strong force in New England for a handful of years. Composed of musicians with ranging backgrounds, their style of “Dirty Punk Reggae” continues to morph and take shape, while always staying true to reggae roots and ska rhythms. With their home base in Western Mass, they have steadily been scouring the Northeast and impressing newcomers with high energy and uplifting shows. Even being described as “A veritable army of energetic rockers… DPR blends ska, reggae, rock and hip-hop into a whirlwind of whoop-ass…” – The Valley Advocate

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Ziontific 8 Artist – Sun-Dried Vibes

Sun-Dried Vibes provide a fresh twist to the reggae/rock genre with their high-energy live performances that crank out infectious sing-a-longs laced with a positive message. SDV will be heard, since their inception in 2010 the group has performed around 275 dates a year. The trio of road warriors have two full length albums under their belt and a new one in the works for 2017. The new album, “Stay Hopeful” is anticipated to drop in Fall 2017 featuring some of the biggest and best names in the American Reggae/Rock Scene. The album is being tracked by Jeff Leonard and Eric Rickert of Ocean Industries Studios (Charleston, SC).

Sun-Dried Vibes took home back to back awards for South Carolina’s Rock Band of the Year in 2012, 2013, as well as 2016, voted on by the SC Music Awards and were voted Charlotte’s Best Local Band 2012 by the Readers of Creative Loafing. In 2014 one of the most progressive promoters in the world took notice and added SDV to the major festival ‘California Roots: Carolina Sessions’ sharing the bill with the Rebelution, Matisyahu, Collie Buddz, Giant Panda Guerrilla Dub Squad, Katchafire and more in Wilmington, NC. This festival along with a 12 show, headlining tour in the US Virgin Islands was the icing on the cake in 2014.

2015 was the year of opportunity for Sun-Dried Vibes. SDV set out on a national tour that summer highlighted by an appearance at the largest reggae music festival in the world. California Roots Music & Arts Festival will took place May 2015 in Monterey, CA and the group was humbled to share the bill with SOJA, Steel Pulse, Dirty Heads, Chronixx, The Roots and many more. 2015 also brought a new opportunity for SDV as the trio was added to a world class roster at SEG: Sweetwine Entertainment Group based out of Denver, CO.

2016 shaped up to be the biggest and best yet for Sun-Dried Vibes as they kicked off the year with a SOLD OUT show in their hometown of Charlotte, NC on New Years Eve. The group follows up the sellout with a 20 show national tour in 9 states including a stop at a SOLD OUT One Love Cali Reggae Fest in Santa Ana, CA. The boys also made appearances at Reggae Rise Up Festival in St. Petersburg, FL, a return to the 3rd Annual California Roots: Carolina Sessions on April 9th in Myrtle Beach, SC and the 5th Annual California Roots Music & Arts Festival in Monterey, CA. 2016 also included SOLD OUT SHOWS in 5 other major cities (Washington, DC/Atlanta, GA/Wilmington, NC/Columbia, SC/Austin, TX) and supporting national touring artists Ballyhoo!, Through the Roots & Zach Deputy.

On August 28th 2011 Zach Fowler (Lead Vox/ Gtr), Evan Tyler (Bass), and Alex Winchester (Drums) released ‘Give Thanks’ as their debut album and began filling up rooms along the east coast. On April 8th, 2014 their sophomore album “Back2Square1” debuted on the iTunes Reggae Charts at #6 and the hit single “Young One” ft. Jeremy Anderson (TreeHouse) was featured as the MP3 Leak of the Week by The Pier (www.thepier.org). The trio has plans to complete and release their 3rd full length album, “Stay Hopeful” in 2017.

It’s not a secret that the Sun-Dried Vibes family includes a very loyal fan base, the higher ups have definitely taken notice. SDV has had the pleasure of supporting major acts of all genres including The Dirty Heads, 311, Slightly Stoopid, Ballyhoo, The Movement, Passafire, The Expendables, Natural Vibrations, The Aggrolites, The Supervillains, Less Than Jake, AWOL Nation, Neon Trees, The Nappy Roots and many more.

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Ziontific 8 Artist – The Late Ones

Based out of Laie, Hawaii, brothers Tui Avei (Lead vocals), and Tau Avei (Vocals), along with cousin Josh Brunson (Vocals) are the voices. Built on a roots reggae foundation with influences from various genres like Hip-hop, R&B, and jazz, The Late Ones’ unique blend of style, and harmony shapes a youthful, yet old school reggae vibe.

Born in Gardena, California, The Late Ones harness something undeniably special. Rooted in Samoan culture, and complimented by the group’s African American heritage, the familial bond between the three members transcends throughout the group’s conscious lyrics and catchy melodies.

The name “The Late Ones” pays tribute to all of the late and great revolutionaries who have come and gone like Bob Marley, Tupac, Jimi Hendrix, Steve Biko, John Lennon and also present day legendsincluding Jurassic 5, Steel Pulse, Kendrick Lamar and Ab-Soul just to name a few. It is the fusion of each revolutionary story, struggle, and message that inspires and resonates with The Late Ones’ own story, struggle, and love for all genres of music. That is the “L81Z” sound.

In late 2014, The Late Ones recorded their debut EP at Sea Major Seven Studio in Honolulu, HI with Producer/Engineer Noah Cronin (Sammy J) and producers Lapana Ieriko and Klandon Fetaui. The Late Ones debut EP Revelate was released on May 5, 2015 via online digital outlets and peaked at number three on the iTunes reggae charts in the first week of the release.

The Late Ones bring a youthful presence to the reggae community. With Revelate, the band hopes to push their music and message beyond their tight knit homeland of Hawaii. The EP holds six original compositions created by a group with great potential and high expectations.

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Ziontific 8 Artist – The Problemaddicts

A special treat for Ziontific – The Problemaddicts will be backed by Soultree!

Members of The Problemaddicts are nowhere near new to the Ziontific Family. They performed the first 2 years of Ziontific as a group. Most of them clearly couldn’t get enough as they’re known to jump in as surprise guests with various bands year after year.

The Problemaddicts are a 5-man squad of emcees assembled by and including Executive Producer Tone, Vorheez (formerly of Lords of tha Fly), Force (also of The Alchemystics), Black Buddha (multiple freestyle tournament winner and former WSKB DJ), and 1ne Man sound (also of Lyke Minds). Backed by 4-time Valley Advocate DJ of the Year, DJ Theory, they are Mystika Music’s flagship act.

Reminiscent of Jurassic 5 in their prime, The Problemaddicts approach Hip Hop with a genre-crossing blend of new school production and old school lyricism. The Massachusetts based six-member crew prides themselves on the ability to kickstart any party while also facing the issues of today. The Problemaddicts push the boundaries of rap music, winning over a variety of fans in the process.

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Ziontific 8 Artist – Funky Dawgz Brass Band

The Funky Dawgz are one of the premier touring acts on the live music scene today. Emerging from Connecticut, these young men have engulfed the spirit and traditions of New Orleans as well as earned the respect from local musicians who grew up and reside in the city. It is impossible not to enjoy yourself during a show as they play a contagious upbeat mix of traditional New Orleans R&B, original music, hip hop, funk, and today’s top hits with a brass twist.

They have toured internationally and have been featured in all corners of the live music scene. From playing sold out shows at Madison Square Garden as the horn section for Dispatch, to Camp Bisco, to closing out The Peach Music Festival, their performances flow seamlessly from EDM festivals to jam band festivals to traditional New Orleans second line parades.

There is a reason they were featured as one of Live For Live Music’s Brass Bands You Need To Know. The Funky Dawgz are dropping jaws. These high energy horns have been featured on bills with Dispatch, Trombone Shorty & Orleans Avenue, We The Kings, Snarky Puppy, The Soul Rebels, Lettuce, Preservation Hall Jazz Band, Rebirth Brass Band, Twiddle, Turkuaz, Kung Fu, Sister Sparrow & The Dirty Birds, Big Sam’s Funky Nation, Ryan Montbleau, and Glen David Andrews and the list continues.

When the band is not playing shows they are giving back to the community. The Funky Dawgz aim to connect, engage, inspire and rejuvenate music education in inner city schools across the country. The band frequently gives performances and master classes to young musicians in elementary, middle, and high schools across the region.

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Ziontific 8 Artist – Tropidelic

“Every single second is a blessing if you count them all,” sings frontman Matthew Roads. You can hear the sincerity in his voice; the joie de vivre that oozes from everything Tropidelic does is apparent. When they take a stage, their synergy flows member to member—horns blow, knees kicked high and grins are passed from one man to the next. Almost immediately it spreads to the crowd, lifting hands in the air as their feet begin to move and the pulse collectively becomes that of one.

The six-piece band from Cleveland, Ohio may be far from any tropical islands but that doesn’t stop them from dishing out an interesting mix of reggae, hip – hop and high energy funk for audiences across the country. Tropidelic has a deep and widespread appreciation for music that can be heard in each note. Some of the members are hip-hop heads, while others are into metal, funk or reggae. But each of these genres lends something to their collective sound. “We pride ourselves in being original in our musicality and personality as a band,” says Roads, “but also in not taking ourselves so seriously that it ruins the fun.”

For their 2017 release, “Heavy is The Head”, Tropidelic carefully vetted what songs made it to the record, and featured songwriting efforts from members James and Darrick. Sound engineer Cary Crichlow, who has worked on the last four releases from the band, returned to get the job done. “Our socio-political views vary as much as our musical tastes and always seep into the music” says Roads. “There’s certainly a lot that needs said, but on this record we tried to be well-rounded and touch on a broad scope of emotions.” The release debuted at #1 on the iTunes reggae charts on November 10, 2017.

These seasoned road dogs can be found spreading their soulful sound across the country in both intimate venues and music festivals, having shared the stage with and supported such acts as 311, Slightly Stoopid, The Dirty Heads, Pepper and The Wailers. Previously, Tropidelic has been featured at Electric Forest, Werk Out Festival, an appearance at Warped Tour, and SXSW. In 2018, the band is focused on headlining tours as well as performing at Reggae Rise Up, Cali Roots and much more. Stay tuned for more from Cleveland’s home-grown, Tropidelic.

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Ziontific 8 Artist – Root Shock

Root Shock formed in 2012 with regional veteran musicians whose love of reggae music flows deep. Their unique blend of reggae and heavy drum & bass combined with American roots and soul, and a focus on conscious lyrics result in positive dance music will make you want to move! The band has been surprising and delighting crowds across the New York region and beyond, bringing their unique high-energy style spearheaded by the stunning soulful vocals and stage presence of Jessica Brown to a wide range of settings. The band’s dedication to spreading music with a positive message has paid off in entertaining, elevating, and energizing music lovers of all walks of life!

On the heels of their 2016 debut album, Root Shock is stepping up their game, hitting the road and bringing their renowned live show to clubs, festivals and concert halls far and wide. 2017 is already treating them well; winning the Syracuse Area Music Awards “Best New Artist” accolade as well as being crowned winner in the NYS Music’s state-wide March Madness fan favorite competition. The band is continuing to concentrate on spreading their uplifting message and vibes to the masses. Root Shock’s genre-bending sound has proven to fit many musical settings yet always stand out!

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Ziontific 8 Artist – Oogee Wawa

Oogee Wawa is an Alternative Reggae Hip-hop fusion band from Long Island, NY. Take Gym Class Heroes, Sublime, a bottle of rum; mix them in a blender and you’ll have a taste of what is Oogee Wawa. Their feel good music captivates a wide age range of fans that relate to the message that they bring forth. Oogee Wawa’s hard work and determination has honored them spots performing with many national touring acts such as: 311, Slightly Stoopid, SOJA, Sublime with Rome, The Dirty Heads, The Wailers, Badfish, Ballyhoo!, Passafire. They were named WBAB;s Homegorwn Superstars, they won first place at the Indie Music Fest in Las Vegas, NV and have consistently played 130+ shows for the past two years. Always out to have a good time, Oogee Wawa is dedicated to creating feel good music that inspires the desire to party!

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Ziontific 8 Artist – Big Ol’ Dirty Bucket

Big Ol’ Dirty Bucket has taken the New England music scene by storm since their debut in 2009. The 10 piece funk ensemble has redefined the sound of classic funk, by slathering it together with a substantial slice of hip-hop, blending it with flavors of jazz, blues, soul, and frosting the top with rock n’ roll.

Hailing from Boston, Big Ol’ Dirty Bucket is led by the triple-threat of velvet-voiced front-woman Kobi, emcee Micah Casey (a.k.a. “Big Daddy Disco”), and guitar slinger/vocalist Ryan Green (a.k.a “Funk McNasty”). The ferocious and relentless groove of the bands all-original funk music is driven by the the thunderous rhythm section of drummer Dave Share, bassist Joe Cesarz, and percussionist Jim Schunneman. The groups hard-hitting pocket sound is rounded out by Keyboard extraordinaire Scotty King, and a horn section featuring saxophonist Matt Oliphant, and Trombone player Rich Houghton.

Big Ol’ Dirty Bucket have toured throughout New England and the Tri-State area, and have appeared with artists such as George Clinton, Onyx, The 420 Funk mob, Tracy Bonham, Steve Kimock, The Rustic Overtones, The Everyone Orchestra (featuring members of Moe.), and have worked with artists such as Galactic, Norwood Fisher (Fishbone), and Mike “Kidd Funkadelic” Hampton (Original P-Funk). Their single “You make me feel (like dancin’)”, which was released on the band’s self-titled debut album, was named one of the top 100 songs of 2012 by The Boston Globe. ‘Bucket Express’, their sophomore studio effort, which featured in-studio collaborations with members of P-Funk, Galactic, and Fishbone, was named #4 on Funkatopia’s list of the Top 20 Funk Albums of 2014.

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Ziontific 8 Artist – Rhythmic Circus

A conscience collective collaboration of original tunes from various genres including but not limited to: rock, funk, soul, R&B, hip hop, gypsy reggae, blues, bluegrass and the occasional pop classic. If you like to dance and are into conscience uplifting music, well… Run away with the Rhythmic Circus!

Born from a dust cloud and ashes, The Rhythmic Circus rose out of the bowels of Central Connecticut to join in the battle, to change the conscience mind, to uplift the mundane and give birth to a new age of music. Our purpose, to emancipate your soul and to help those lost to find meaning through musical adventure. The Collective unconscious needs a higher elevation and we, through music, are the conduit.

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Ziontific 8 Artist — Rebel Alliance

Rock, Reggae, and revolution, These are the things that Rebel Alliance, The Berkshires pre-eminent reggae-influenced band, preach to the masses! Combining the best of rock, reggae, improvisational jam and a whole host of other musical genres, Rebel Alliance is sure to surprise-and please wherever you see them.

With musical backgrounds and tastes that are quite broad, each member of The Reb (as they are called by “in the know” persons) has much to bring to the party, and much to add to the song. Rebel Alliance is on a path that not many can match. In just a short time they have become a cohesive unit with one common vision; to change the musical scene, and bring the music, and their vision to the world. With hearts full of the message, and rooms full of the sound, any Rebel Alliance show is sure to move you.

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Ziontific 8 Artist – UZOO

The brainchild of Joey Batts, UZOO came to existence in the winter of 2015. Aware of the depth of talent in the Connecticut hip-hop scene, and fed up with being overlooked, Batts called upon his closest friends to form a CT-based supergroup. By bringing the best of the best together into a cohesive unit – one that allowed for individual talents to shine alongside the overall power of the group as a whole – UZOO brings forth a musical experience reminiscent of the ‘90s-era Wu-Tang Clan, reminding hip-hop fans of how revolutionary a collective has the power to be. 

The dynamic collective boasts an eclectic offering of artistry, as each member brings their unique style to the table. From Funk Gero’s enlightened stoner flows to Cre808’s sharp wordplay and fierce delivery, UZOO has something for everyone. The fact that such a wide array of styles are blended together so fluently on wax is a testament to the level of talent that exists within the group. Feeding off of one another’s energy, the animalistic tendencies of each emcee is apparent as they trade bars and verses over rugged, grimy production.

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Ziontific 8 Artist – Soultree

From the songwriters and producers of The Alchemystics comes Soultree (ambient sultry soul roots). A reggae soul dub lovers fusion.

The Alchemystics provided a great platform for socially conscious lyrics and the chanting reggae rap stylings Ian I developed over the years (exemplified in songs like “Type a Prayer”). Still, he continued to write other more personal and heartfelt sacred love music inspired by artists such as Sade, Stephen Marley, and more recently, Jhene Aiko. Hence, the birth of Soultree (ambient sultry soul roots). Soultree combines Ian I’s reggae roots with a new school ambient sound, romantic as well as existential themes.

A Soultree experience is sure to leave audiences emotionally uplifted. Joining Ian I on stage is beautiful fire dancer, Lilly Roberts, adding visual aesthetics to the sonic backdrop. Some key songs include “Vitality,” a song about using music as a vehicle for overcoming personal struggles, “Sweet Your Dreams,” and “Serene Vision Daydream” instantly strike a sultry romantic chord in listeners.

Features Ian I on drums, production and Vocal, John Corda on Keys and Lilly Roberts on dance and artistry.

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Ziontific 8 Artist – Total Collision

DJ Live! and Roosta have been working and recording with each other for over 15 years. Now they’ve put together a supergroup featuring Tom Matthew on guitar and keys, and Matt Mondell on Bass. They chose the name Total Collision because of the mashup of styles, colliding reggae with hip-hop and funk, and creating something completely new and original.

Roosta was born and raised in Jamaica, and brings a fire to the mic like no one else. Steeped in reggae from the start, his roots go deep. An epic freestyler and performer, his shows are legendary, and the fans are die-hard.

Live has been producing hip-hop and other styles for most of his life. He has a knack for hooks, and his DJ nights are some of the most packed clubs in Western Mass. Now he’s brought out his passion for rhythm on the drum kit, bringing an old-school reggae flavor to the modern sound of Total Collision.

Rounding out the band are Tom Matthew and Matt Mondell. Tom brings diverse musical interests to the group with his guitar, constantly steering the sound in new directions. Matt Mondell brings his incredible talent on bass with his funk and rock flavor to set the floor jumping and the crowd bumping.

Formed in the summer of 2015, Total Collision has already played dozens of shows to packed houses, and they’re not slowing down anytime soon.

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Ziontific 8 Artist – I-ganic Soundsystem

Residing in Western Mass with roots in Puerto Rico, I-Ganic began spinning records in the mid ‘80s at the age of 13. Inspired by the sound system culture of Jamaica, I-Ganic played parties and opened for local reggae bands. By the late ‘90s, he had developed his signature style of layering digital effects over a mix of top-shelf selections of the latest UK and Jamaican Roots, Steppas, Dancehall, and Dub. Having added more equipment and a much larger collection of vinyl, I-Ganic Sound System is the Pioneer Valley’s Number One Reggae Sound System.

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Ziontific 8 Artist – Kroma Kode

Kroma Kode is an Electro-Soul band focused on fusing hip hop, electronic, and live instrumentation into a blend of upbeat feel-good music.

Based out of Southbridge, MA, they continue to make their mark across music scenes throughout the east coast.

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Ziontific 8 Artist – The Change Up

Boston based supergroup The Change Up are a multi instrumentalist based, traveling dance party that focuses on high end Instrumentalism and lyrical expressionism. They have graced the stage with HUNDREDS of different acts regardless of genre or style, they’re adaptability carrying them to the national level and sequestering a spot on coveted festivals. Led by multi instrumentalist and award winning producer Ash Berman, The Change Up has an electro jam sensibility and a structurally based arrangement that let’s loose a whirlwind of styles including Reggae, Hip Hop, Latino Rhythm, and manual electronica.

With long time collaborator Brian Bailey on guitar, multi instrumentalist Alex Cohen on percussion, and Dj Icculus on the Decks and Sax, The Change Up are always striving to do something completely different. A revolving door of second chair musicians, including Michael Wingate of the Which Doctors, Mathew Klewiter and Steven Goffstien of Damelatones round out the current line up.

The concept of The Change Up, is music with no borders, boundless reckless abandon and a thirst for exploration. The band is centered on the idea that it should be different every show, and to experiment live is the essence of their moniker.

For this year The Change Up is proud to present Electro Magnetic Pulse or E.M.P, for your listening pleasure!!! A stark combination of beatboxed loops and funky horns mixed with their distinct outlaw reggae sound and blistering lead sections, E.M.P, is ready to crush the Ziontific stage!!!

With a new record out this summer and a vast cavalcade of shows and appearances, you don’t want to miss this amalgam of talent. As was said before and will be said again:
No matter the time, no matter the place, if you’re ready to rage, the Change Up E.M.P. rages face!!!!

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Ziontific 8 Artist – Essonite

The product of forgotten vinyl, given new life with organic sound design, modular synthesis, and live instrumentation. The project fuels a new, progressive era of artists and music that is composed to invoke raw emotion. Essonite features a wide range of synthesis, re-contextual soul based vinyl, multi-format guitar, and hybrid percussion. Essonite boasts excellent improvised set execution, with undeniable groove and funk characteristics that leave lasting impressions on audience members. A hybrid acoustic-electronic drum kit, a multitude of guitar + effects, and lush synthesis soundscapes, all sum to an extremely tight, and highly unique sonic palette, unattainable anywhere else within the industry. From Pennsylvania, to West Virginia, to Tennessee, the group has played to sold out crowds, as well as smaller intimate festivals. A truly unique combination of scales and time periods, flawlessly intertwined to expose new mosaics of sound.

Essonite is a three person, live, electronic ensemble from Philadelphia, PA. Essonite is the brain child of Martin Esser and Will Loftus, who met while attending Temple University for undergrad. Similar interests in audio technology and music composition found them creating content in abnormal jam sessions. In 2016 they officially branded as Essonite, working to format live instrumentation into electronic domains. As the necessity for live percussion grew, Alec Powell, a drummer they had previously worked with, joined the project. The live experience maintains its organic improvisational qualities by avoiding full backing tracks, or prerecorded instrumentation. Essonite is an ever-growing project, periodically the group brings other musicians on board for more complex electronic jam abilities, specifically in the live setting. The live show is an impressive block of emotional display; each track or jam is a re-exploration of a studio release, in a `live remix` fashion, allowing for completely different takes and melodic structures that can be found nowhere but in a live setting. Behind the scenes Essonite works with a wide range of session musicians, other similar artists, and friends to record analog based instruments for later construction of studio releases.

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Ziontific 8 Artist – STL GLD

Moe Pope and The Arcitype are STL GLD, one of the New England area’s most exciting acts. The Emcee/Producer duo has been nominated for Boston Music Award’s Best Hip Hop Act for the past 2 years, and has been called one of the best live acts out of the city of Boston. Their sophomore album, ‘Torch Song’ is now available on AR Classic Records.

Moe Pope:
Moe Pope, originally from Boston, MA, is an indie hip-hop artist, songwriter and contemporary painter. As a lyricist, Pope chronicles the stories of his life and his community by touching upon subjects like fatherhood, relationships, and the human condition.

Pope released his first record One in 2001 as a member of San Francisco Bay-area group Mission (now Crown City Rockers), featuring Raashan Ahmad. After spending years with the band writing and touring, he returned to Boston to be with his daughter and continue the path of performance and art.

Upon his return to Boston, he connected with rapper/producer Insight and his five-man outfit, Electric (a.k.a Electric Company) and released Life’s A Struggle (2004). Along with Electric members Anonymous and Raheem Jamal, Pope then went on to form a music collective called Project Move, and released their debut album Love Gone Wrong/Butterfly Theory (2006). Parting ways with Project Move in 2007, Pope reunited with former Crown City cohort Headnodic to release their highly lauded collaborative album Megaphone (2008), featuring appearances from Gift of Gab, Oh No, and Zion I among others.

In 2010, Pope hooked up with Boston producer Rain and released the critically acclaimed Life After God, an album that would change his career forever. The record earned a spot on iTunes Rewinds “Top 10 Albums of 2010″, Boston Herald’s “Top Local Hip Hop Album of 2010″ and The Boston Phoenix “2011 Boston’s Best”. In addition, Pope was honored in The Improper Bostonian Music Issue as the “New Up and Comer” and he landed a cover and feature story in Stuff Magazine.

Drawing inspiration from a diverse background of influences, Pope has spent the last few years reinventing his craft and forming alliances to inspire his work. His latest collaboration as Moe Pope & Rain released the long awaited full-length album Let the Right Ones In January 22, 2013 on Brick Records, to widespread critical acclaim.

For his newest collaboration, Moe Pope has teamed up with well-known producer The Arcitype (Duck Down Records) for their upcoming release STL GLD.

The Arcitype:
Born in New York City’s Little Italy in the early 80s, The Arcitype’s love for music began at the young age of five when his father enrolled him in music school and surrounded him with different Instruments. Moving from New York to the rural and isolated Western Massachusetts, The Arcitype continued his musical education and began playing Classical piano. Influenced by his guitar rocker uncle, he engendered a strong love for the blues, and began picking licks on the old beat-up Fender Strat his uncle gave him.

As the lead guitarist with Blues/Funk group Tip Top Deluxe, The Arcitype played shows to packed houses. Touring the New England Tri-State area, Tip Top Deluxe headlined shows at various clubs, bars and festivals from 1998-2000. When the group split in 2000, The Arcitype moved onto a solo career in Acoustic Rock and Blues. The need for demos spurred his interest in the recording process, and led him to set up a home studio.

By 2002, The Arcitype had branched out into Hip Hop, seeing it as the modern day interpretation of the traditional Blues he loves. Utilizing his diverse musical background, The Arcitype began creating Hip Hop beats.

Leaving the Berkshires for Boston, The Arcitype pursued a degree in Audio Production and Music at Emerson College. It was during this time that he began to establish himself in the Boston Hip Hop scene, forming relationships with the city’s best emcees, other producers and various promoters.

In the spring of 2008, The Arcitype formed his own label, AR Classic Records, to have a home for the projects he was working on. Later that same year, The Arcitype opened his own studio, The Bridge Sound & Stage with business partner (and former Emerson professor) Owen Curtin, and has since built the studio’s reputation into one of the premier studios and the Hip Hop epicenter of Boston.

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Ziontific 8 Artist – DapperascaL

Connecticut based band formed in the fires of funk and shaped in the spirit of rock n roll, DapperascaL, performs original music and legendary hits from the past and present.

This 6 piece rocket ship will take you to the moon and back with their magnetic grooves, tasty guitar solos and soulful vocals. “Those aren’t craters on the moon my friends, those are dance floors.”

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Ziontific 8 Artist – Yesai

Yesai was founded on the Big Island of Hawaii in 2014 by singer songwriter Kevin Fraser. Kevin had a plan to move back to his place of birth, Boston after 10 plus years in Cali and Hawaii. He had the vision of bringing the island sound back to the grit of the northeast and create a big band sound including a full horn section, vocal harmonies and percussion. 2015 the 8-piece band began playing shows. By 2016 Yesai was supporting some of the biggest regional, national and international reggae artists in the world including  Badfish, Kabaka Pyramid, New Kingston, Giant Panda, Roots of Creation, Zach Deputy, Spiritual Rez and many more.

2017 marks the year they tour the west coast for the first time and performing with such acts as Sly and Robbie, Katchafire, The  Expanders, Raging Fyah and many others. Yesai’s debut album is slated for release in summer 2017.

Photo by KM Photography

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Ziontific 8 Artist — Icculus

Icculus has been Dj’ing for more than a decade. Not just your average DJ. There is never a dull moment during the musical journey he takes you on!

His love for all music styles shines bright with sets containing breaks, dubstep, ghetto funk, electro, glitch hop, along with rock, reggae and rap.

Check out this genre bending bass set with sounds and remixes by the likes of Jimi Hendrix, Sublime, Pink Floyd, Bob Marley, Kool & the Gang, The Beatles, along with Pretty Lights, Z-Trip, the Nextmen, Funkanomics, Minnesota.

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Ziontific 8 Artist – Supernothing

Supernothing is a Reggae/Rock 3 piece out of the 603 New Hampshire drawing influences from bands like The Movement, Roots of creation, Sublime and The Dirtyheads. Bringing hip hop elements in with melodic reggae vibes. We occasionally bring other elements of funk, ska, and punk to the table. Be sure to have your dancing shoes on for upbeat tempos turning into heavy punk bridges.

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Ziontific 8 Artist — Rhythm Inc

Rhythm Incorporated is a multi-generational Wendell based reggae/hip hop group. Formed roughly 3 years ago, they have performed throughout New England at numerous venues and festivals.

Front man Simon White has an arsenal of relaxed island rhythms and soulful lyrics.
The island rhythm with the fresh beats of Giles Stebbins morphs into a new sound that Rhythm Inc. has only just started exploring. As the lyrics flow back and forth between Simon and Giles, the band is equal to the challenge with Jamemurrell Stanley on percussion, Kyle Heon on trap set, Joe Cunningham on bass, and Brian DiMartino, ripping it up on guitar intertwining a lot of hip hop, rap, and funk with their reggae sound.

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Ziontific 8 Artist – Slack Tide

After performing in various bands together for almost four years, Ian McFarland and Chris Cyrus recruited drummer Tom Shubsda and bassist/pianist Max Logue to create a brand new type of live music experience: Slack Tide. Combining musical styles ranging from reggae and ska to hard rock and blues, the band has entertained audiences from Manhattan NY to Portland ME and everywhere in between. Putting a new twist on the old “jam band” structure, Slack Tide delivers a high energy good time performance that is never the same twice, meaning you won’t want to miss out on a single show.

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Ziontific 8 Artist – Trouble City All-Stars

Over the past 6 years Trouble City has been turning heads and tuning in ears from all over the region with its own brand of original roots/rocksteady/reggae. Trouble City blends old sounds of traditional reggae with some more modern aspects to accomplish a solid sound to get your feet moving. Trouble City has put out three albums and has played with the likes of Stephen Marley, Snoop Dogg, The Wailers, Badfish, Matt and Kim, Flux Capacito, the Dirty Heads, Dr. Dog, the 7 walkers, Railroad earth and more!

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Ziontific 8 Artist – Elephants Dancing

Elephants Dancing is a 7-piece reggae/rock band from Wilkes Barre, PA, driven by the chill, beach vibe and powerful roots of reggae.  The group delivers an island feel, filled with heavy grooves, fun melodies, syncopation, and clever raps.  Elephants Dancing was created by singer-songwriters Michael Iorio (Lead Vocals/Bass) and Danny Sales (Lead Vocals/Rhythm Guitar), who were childhood friends.  After experiencing several lineup changes since the bands inception in the summer of 2015, the full and unique sound that the band possesses is fulfilled through the versatility and spunk of its members, Ross LeSoine (Tenor Sax/Percussion), Miles Fagley-Orfanella (Trumpet/Percussion), Karl Rucker (Lead Guitar), Samantha Carwell (Keyboard), and Jerry Coyle (Drums).  The elephants groove to roots reggae, island hip-hop, and beach rock, but the influences go much farther. Both writers are influenced by a wide variety of genres including: pop-punk, metal, rap, math-rock, and classical.

In the winter of 2015, the Elephants released their debut EP, “Clear Skies,” which paved the way for their creative growth.  Soon after, in the summer of 2016, the 19-song full length album, “Rituals,” was released, encapsulating many of the band’s influences and setting the tone for the road ahead.  Over the summer of 2017, the band refaced itself and solidified its lineup, adding another guitar, and two-man horn section featuring a tenor sax, and trumpet/flugelhorn.  As the summer of 2017 approached its end, the single, “Sunshine,” was released, which featured the revamped lineup for the first time.

Amidst the growing process, Elephants Dancing was awarded the ECMC (Electric City Music Conference) 2016 Song of the Year for, “Panic Static,” and was honored the following year with the ECMC 2017 Reggae/Jam/Funk Band of The Year Award. To date, Elephants Dancing has performed on bills with acts such as Badfish – Sublime Tribute, BALLYHOO!, The Bumpin Uglies, Roots of Creation, Of Good Nature, and The Waffle Stompers.

The Elephants aim to expand their roots throughout the northeast, and plan to release a new album in time for the summer vibe, “Get Tropical!” in the spring of 2018.  To stay in the loop for upcoming shows and releases, follow us on our social media accounts or join our loving promotional team, the Coconut Crew!

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Ziontific 8 Artist – Slurp

Slurp is a funk/jam band made up of six musicians who have played in various projects around the Rhode Island and Massachusetts area, and are based out of Providence, RI. Slurp is mainly instrumental providing a blend of hard, aggressive funk. The newly formed Slurp is quickly on the rise in the Rhode Island area and will keep you dancing and vibing all night long.

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Ziontific 8 Artist – Keepers Of The Vibe

Hartford, CT based Funk and Hip Hop band, Keepers of the Vibe is an experience like none other.

Created in November 2015, K.O.T.V continuously evolves their sound. The current 5 piece configuration is an eclectic blend of Funk, Jazz, Gospel, Prog Rock, and Neo Soul musicians. The band includes Vocalist Amanda Sloan, Guitarist Devon Long, Drummer Dwayne Keith, Saxophonist Konrad Dziemian, and Bassist Tucker Emerson.

Keepers of the Vibe’s live shows are a traveling Funk Party!
While incorporating a wide array of music, they provide a unique, yet familiar experience. Captivating your mind, body and soul, Keepers of the Vibe aims to uplift your spirit. The vocal melodies take you on a atmospheric journey through PEACE, LOVE & HARMONY, as you “Get Down” to the band’s groovin’ progressions.

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Ziontific 8 Artist – Over The Bridge

“Hailing from Gloucester, MA , OTB is all about bringing you the best in “FEEL GOOD MUSIC” with a bit of Rock N Roll, Hip Hop and Reggae. Working hard and playing even harder these boys are sure to leave you with that Feel Good Vibe.” – Minglewood Tavern Gloucester, MA

Over The Bridge is a Reggae-Rock infused good time jam band with strong hip-hop influences. Raised by that dirty water on the North Shore of Massachusetts, the boys of OTB officially came together as a band in December of 2014 but have been making music individually for over a decade. The band’s infectious high energy performances and down to earth attitude make every town they’re in feel like home.

Each member brings their own unique style to the table that when combined is refreshingly original. Their first 4 track demo was released in May of 2015 and was recorded in a single live session at Life In Color Headquarters with Nate Shaw.

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Ziontific 8 Artist – Joe Sambo

Joe Sambo is quickly becoming one of the most sought-after up-and-coming reggae musicians in the New England area, playing everywhere from the intimate front-rooms of local breweries to the major stages of The Boston Freedom Rally. Joe’s music blends an upbeat reggae foundation with an energetic rock and pop edge, as well as an infusion of soul and funk, to create sound that audiences have been enjoying for nearly five years.

Joe’s musical career began as a guitarist and vocalist for the hardcore-metal band Spies Like Us. After finding success in a fast-paced and hard-hitting genre, Joe switched gears to hone in on a more laid-back approach to music. He received early accolades when, as the frontman for his group Joe Sambo and the Goonz. Since then, he caught the attention of the reggae community, consistently bringing a lively, high-energy performance to every show. This success has led him to share the stage with the likes of Ziggy Marley, Roots of Creation, Marlon Asher, and Zach Deputy.

Joe Sambo is currently recording his first full-length album with a projected release in the Late summer of 2018.

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Ziontific 8 Artist – Terrafunk

TERRAFUNK is a 8 piece female led funkpocalypse with a horn section, coming from Boston, Massachusetts just for the funk of it. Our music is a mix of funk, soul, and rock & roll. We play all kinds of events all over MA, NH, NH, VT, and ME at clubs, bars, restaurants and are ready and able to satisfy all your wildest & funkiest pleasures. Hot grooves, horny sound, funky fresh. 

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Ziontific 8 Artist – Cabin Fever

Formed in 2015, Cabin Fever has quickly become one of Connecticut’s up-and-coming bands. With four hometown friends that have an appreciation for sophisticated and funky dance music, Cabin Fever incorporates various styles from many different types of top notch funk and jam bands. Their mission is to provide quality, groovy music to those that like to let loose, dance, and have a good time! 

Along with having played headlining slots in numerous CT venues, Cabin Fever has also been support for a variety of well-known jam bands such as Deep Banana Blackout, The Magic Beans, and The Werks.

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Ziontific 8 Artist – Rice: An American Band

rice – An American Band hails from Warwick MA and features some of the finest players in Western MA, with an emphasis on song writing and delivery. 

rice was born at a party in Warwick MA when three friends who live not far from each other came together and decided to jam some tunes. From there it cascaded, with members gelling on the songs, bringing in additional friends to perform and contribute, and a slow simmer turned into a boil. 

Most of the material within rice – An American band’s repertoire is written by Phil Simon, with arrangement and performance contributions by all band members. The band now frequently features three voices, with Simon, Courtney Parker and Patty Tuite all contributing vocals and song leading.

The Instrumental prowess for the other players is a force that continues to gain steam and momentum with each player able to take off at a moment’s notice. But all of the mightiness and strength is directed toward the song, with jams launching from and returning to songs. 

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Ziontific 8 Artist – Pi Wrecks

Pi Wrecks is the moniker of electronic music producer/DJ, Jeffrey Edinger, based out of western Massachusetts. Inspired by the sound stylings of Pretty Lights and Gramatik, and with a background in hip hop, Pi Wrecks aims to re-introduce “soul” to the electro-soul genre. His heart-filled melodies juxtaposed with tastefully gritty bass and upbeat funky elements create a well-rounded, dynamic listening experience, taking his listeners all over the spectrum of human emotion. Pi Wrecks’ music reflects the deadly combination of someone who is simultaneously a creative whirlwind as well as a perfectionist, with innovative intricacies and meticulous subtleties that continually impress audiences across the country. A true artist in every sense of the word, Pi Wrecks refuses to allow his art to be confined within a box defined by genre, mood, or style, which is why he is quickly gaining momentum and amassing a hungry, loyal fanbase. Ranging from high energy collaborations with guitarists, rappers, and percussionists to downtempo solo pieces, Pi Wrecks’ music demonstrates his versatility and ability to impress a wide variety of audiences while staying true to his artistic vision. With the goal of evoking powerful emotion and connecting with his listeners on a deep, meaningful level, his genuine passions for music and breaking new ground are undeniably contagious in the electronic music community. 

During his live shows, Pi Wrecks utilizes a healthy combination of technical skill, intuitive crowd reading, and audacious risk-taking to create a powerful, memorable experience for those in the crowd that is extremely rare to find. A common theme during Pi Wrecks sets is seeing people dance around with smiles on their faces and tears in their eyes, as his melodies touch a place deep within and the funky, occasionally heavy bass gets the crowd moving. With notable releases with WUMP Collective, Sleepless Collective, Funkadelphia, and The Rust, as well as frequent live performances in the Northeast U.S., Pi Wrecks is riding a significant wave of momentum into what’s sure to be an exciting 2018.

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