wellness village

Complete workshop schedule will be available at the Wellness Village.
Activities are subject to change.

Hoop Dance for Beginners – Finding your Flow 
This workshop is perfect for beginners and offers great techniques and micro adjustments for experienced hoopers. We will explore different methods of on-body hooping. We will focus on foot-work and arm movements to accessorize your movement practice. Finding freedom in flow and diversity in simple movements will give you the ability to delve deeper into the journey of self-expression inside the circle.

Holy Hooplah –  Weaves, tosses, jumps & hooping 101. 
Time to get FANCY. Here’s your ticket into the circus. During this workshop we will get our ninja on and cover off-body tricks. Let the hoop be your teacher while we guide you through the spiral portal of endless possibility. All levels welcome for the challenge.

Universal Peace Chant
We call together the tribe of peaceful warriors to send out a mantra of Sanskrit origin for the happiness and liberation of all beings. Let it start with us! Discussion, pronunciation and exploration of the powerful practice of mantra.

Over the Rainbow ~ Mandala Creation & Sound Meditation
Sound is the bridge between etheric and manifest reality. Intention is the calling into creation that which we would like to see in the world, let us use this practice of imaginative mastery, sound innovation & mandala art to co-create a new vision and visual artwork of sand that escapes the hourglass.

An interactive vocal adventure of frequency to a single pointed unification with cosmic potentiality. The sound of many voices coalesce into a unified field of majestic electromagnetics.

Quid Pro Quotes ~ Spoken Word & Poetry Circle
Poets, prosers, purveyors of sagely wisdom hidden in cypher and script. Storytellers, lyrical dreamers, artists that paint in words. Let us gather and share our love of linguistics in a quid pro quo of truth speaking!

Sound Essence Meditation 
An aromatic journey with some of the most powerful medicinal grade plant essences available. Every plant and flower holds a vibration which can be used to help us release deep rooted blockages and uplift us into our highest state of being. Using Wisdom of the Earth essential oils each participant will be guided through scent and the sounds of ancient eastern Tibetan Singing Bowls, Crystal singing bowls and Planetary Gongs.

Various classes throughout the weekend. Some include:
Rise N Shine Yoga
Yoga by the river
Gentle Yoga
All levels Gong Yoga
Gong Yoga with Live Drumming

Sound Meditation Concerts
In a peaceful setting, The Conduit performs a concert for a group to float away in bliss. Ancient Himalayan Singing Bowls, Planetary gongs, aromatherapy, and other tools are used to help induce this relaxed state. The soothing orchestration envelops a room where deep meditative states neutralize the tumultuous setting… of daily life. The gong’s calming song enters into the body in a targeted way, to wash away, to clean, or to clear. All you have to do is to ride the wave of sound. You can expect to lie down and get comfortable with a blanket and pillow, while the deep vibrations of the singing bowls, gongs, & bells, provide a sonic mind-body massage.

Intro to Sound Healing Tools and Techniques
The Conduit team helps break down the variety of tools, instruments, and techniques they employ throughout the course of their Sound Meditation Concert. They’re available for questions and interactive instruction to enhance the experiences.

Tibetan Singing Bowls Workshop
The Conduit helps demystify the history, use and technique behind the Tibetan Singing Bowls. Their culture of origin is enshrouded by political upheaval, and even the Dalai Lama refuses to acknowledge their power. Let us carefully demonstrate their utility and be available to satisfy all curiosities.

River Tai Chi / Qi Gong
Leading a group to channel the inner chi forces around the flowing of water can be an encompassing moving meditation.

Latenight Audio Visual Experience
Take a ride to the other side where sound, light and thoughts disappear into the void of amazement.

Consciousness Video Screening
“Consciousness is the term which refers to the relationship between the mind and the world…” Video is a media that can effectively communicate some questions and answers that allow us to expand the potential of our awareness of the world and ourselves.

Labyrinth Meditation
A labyrinth is a spiritual tool that invites us to walking meditation, to centering ourselves and to prayer. The ancient image of the labyrinth has been found in nearly all sacred traditions and has re-emerged in modern times as a profound metaphor for the spiritual journey. “Walking” the Labyrinth with a Finger Labyrinth provides a wonderful personal, portable spiritual practice, literally “at your fingertips” – especially when local outdoor labyrinths are inaccessible. Join The Conduit in learning a bit about the labyrinth and creating your own Finger Labyrinth.

Partners Thai Massage
Enhancing Wellbeing, Naturally, Non-Verbally. Participants are guided through an experiential journey, using assisted Yoga stretches and therapeutic Thai bodywork techniques that can be done by, and to, most people without requiring any prior experience of yoga or massage.

They practice comfortably clothed, on a special arrangement of mats on the floor, while the instructor carefully demonstrates each move on a model, verbally guiding the group through a satisfying sequence of stress-releasing, soul-retrieving Thai Yoga Massage.

One person acts as the “Giver” and is more active, while the other is the “Receiver” and is more passive. Later, the roles are switched, allowing participants to experience both ends of the spectrum.

Earth walk for Grounding
Walking Meditation is a wonderful way of transforming something that we do every day into a deeply healing, deeply nourishing and enjoyable tool for our awakening. It is a practice found both in Taoist and Buddhist traditions. When we practice walking meditation, each step of our journey becomes the destination – becomes peace and joy.