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Ziontific 8 Artist – STL GLD

Moe Pope and The Arcitype are STL GLD, one of the New England area’s most exciting acts. The Emcee/Producer duo has been nominated for Boston Music Award’s Best Hip Hop Act for the past 2 years, and has been called one of the best live acts out of the city of Boston. Their sophomore album, ‘Torch Song’ is now available on AR Classic Records.

Moe Pope:
Moe Pope, originally from Boston, MA, is an indie hip-hop artist, songwriter and contemporary painter. As a lyricist, Pope chronicles the stories of his life and his community by touching upon subjects like fatherhood, relationships, and the human condition.

Pope released his first record One in 2001 as a member of San Francisco Bay-area group Mission (now Crown City Rockers), featuring Raashan Ahmad. After spending years with the band writing and touring, he returned to Boston to be with his daughter and continue the path of performance and art.

Upon his return to Boston, he connected with rapper/producer Insight and his five-man outfit, Electric (a.k.a Electric Company) and released Life’s A Struggle (2004). Along with Electric members Anonymous and Raheem Jamal, Pope then went on to form a music collective called Project Move, and released their debut album Love Gone Wrong/Butterfly Theory (2006). Parting ways with Project Move in 2007, Pope reunited with former Crown City cohort Headnodic to release their highly lauded collaborative album Megaphone (2008), featuring appearances from Gift of Gab, Oh No, and Zion I among others.

In 2010, Pope hooked up with Boston producer Rain and released the critically acclaimed Life After God, an album that would change his career forever. The record earned a spot on iTunes Rewinds “Top 10 Albums of 2010″, Boston Herald’s “Top Local Hip Hop Album of 2010″ and The Boston Phoenix “2011 Boston’s Best”. In addition, Pope was honored in The Improper Bostonian Music Issue as the “New Up and Comer” and he landed a cover and feature story in Stuff Magazine.

Drawing inspiration from a diverse background of influences, Pope has spent the last few years reinventing his craft and forming alliances to inspire his work. His latest collaboration as Moe Pope & Rain released the long awaited full-length album Let the Right Ones In January 22, 2013 on Brick Records, to widespread critical acclaim.

For his newest collaboration, Moe Pope has teamed up with well-known producer The Arcitype (Duck Down Records) for their upcoming release STL GLD.

The Arcitype:
Born in New York City’s Little Italy in the early 80s, The Arcitype’s love for music began at the young age of five when his father enrolled him in music school and surrounded him with different Instruments. Moving from New York to the rural and isolated Western Massachusetts, The Arcitype continued his musical education and began playing Classical piano. Influenced by his guitar rocker uncle, he engendered a strong love for the blues, and began picking licks on the old beat-up Fender Strat his uncle gave him.

As the lead guitarist with Blues/Funk group Tip Top Deluxe, The Arcitype played shows to packed houses. Touring the New England Tri-State area, Tip Top Deluxe headlined shows at various clubs, bars and festivals from 1998-2000. When the group split in 2000, The Arcitype moved onto a solo career in Acoustic Rock and Blues. The need for demos spurred his interest in the recording process, and led him to set up a home studio.

By 2002, The Arcitype had branched out into Hip Hop, seeing it as the modern day interpretation of the traditional Blues he loves. Utilizing his diverse musical background, The Arcitype began creating Hip Hop beats.

Leaving the Berkshires for Boston, The Arcitype pursued a degree in Audio Production and Music at Emerson College. It was during this time that he began to establish himself in the Boston Hip Hop scene, forming relationships with the city’s best emcees, other producers and various promoters.

In the spring of 2008, The Arcitype formed his own label, AR Classic Records, to have a home for the projects he was working on. Later that same year, The Arcitype opened his own studio, The Bridge Sound & Stage with business partner (and former Emerson professor) Owen Curtin, and has since built the studio’s reputation into one of the premier studios and the Hip Hop epicenter of Boston.

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